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Venus Morris Griffin

Mother of 7, award-winning real estate agent, international motivational speaker.

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Venus Morris Griffin is a mother of seven, award-winning real estate agent and international motivational speaker from Augusta, Georgia. She is happily married to Hank Griffin, President and CEO at Kulkhe Construction & Associates, Inc.

In 2010, Venus received a phone call in the middle of the night from a prostitute that changed her life. The call catapulted her into one of the most challenging times she would ever endure, with her six children ranging in ages from one to fifteen years. In a matter of months, her then-husband was sentenced to 45 years in prison. A stay-at-home mother of six children, left with nothing and drowning in debt, Venus was launched into the workforce just trying to keep the bills paid and her children fed. Nothing about her life was easy, but failure isn’t an option when you have six kids all depending on you.

Since obtaining her real estate license, Venus has achieved an unprecedented level of success. With her business growing at a phenomenal rate each year, she has ranked #1 in annual since 2016, closing over 601 transaction sides for over $171 million in sales volume, making her the number one, top-producing agent out of 250+ at Meybohm. With a competitive spirit and standard of perfection is evidenced by a track record of results and exceptional customer service ratings, Venus has earned the reputation as the CSRA’s premier Real Estate Professional.

Through God, hard work and determination, she was able to overcome the adversity she faced, and give her family the life she dreamed of for them.

Venus now travels the globe speaking about the mindset of overcoming adversity. Her passion is to see women overcome suffocating challenges and rise above any obstacles that may hold her back.

A percentage of the proceeds from Venus’ speaking engagements fund a college scholarship, which is awarded to a rising student who has one parent incarcerated. This scholarship will be awarded annually to a student who due to no fault of their own has had to face the challenge of rising above adversity. For more information, email [email protected]

Speaking Topic

The Mindset of Overcoming Adversity

When you experience adversity in your life, at any level, how you move forward and what your path looks like from that point on is defined by one thing: how you respond. Many people allow adversity to overcome them. They allow themselves to be defined as a victim, and in doing that, they embrace a future that is defined by what has happened to them, not by what they did to move past it, learn from it and become stronger.

In order to truly move past adversity, you need to have the right mindset; a mindset of overcoming adversity.

Big wave surfer Laird Hamilton famously said, “Make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live between your own two ears.” That quote is so true for all of us just as we walk through our daily life. But, what if your mind wasn’t only not your enemy, but was actually your ally? What if you could learn how to adopt a mindset that created personal freedom and invited success in your everyday life? What if instead of allowing yourself to be defined by circumstances that are out of your control, you were defined by the things that are true about you no matter what circumstances you face?

I had no choice but to adopt a mindset of overcoming adversity. My children depended on me. My livelihood depended on it…I was desperate. And, even though there was a lot of pain (and sometimes a lot of doubt), what I learned through the process has shaped who I am in ways that are truly profound. It’s led me down a path of personal success that’s beyond what I could have imagined when I first set out. It’s impacted my children, too. I see it when they experience adversity; when they get knocked down and get right back up again. When they trust God, and are anchored in faith. When they choose forgiveness, just like I did, and release people who wronged them from owing them something. That mindset is a gift that gets past on to future generations.

My greatest passion is sharing what I’ve learned through my experiences, and bringing real hope to people who are struggling to navigate through adversity. Hope that uplifts, inspires and empowers. When I speak, I talk tell my story and share the practical “how to” of adopting an overcoming mindset and living it out every day.

Reach People

You are not alone, and your situation does not have to define you. We may not get to choose our battles, but we do get to choose how we react to them.

Restore Hope

Adversity can leave us feeling devastated and defeated, but, never lose faith or HOPE even in the most devastating circumstances.

Redefine Lives

Everyone has greatness inside of them and the ability to overcome anything through faith, hard work, and determination. It takes more than just saying it, I can show you how.


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“Oh my gosh! This is so wonderful. Thanks for bringing hope to these women.”

Amy Sciuto Rose

“God has been preparing you for such a time as this. I absolutely love it!!”

Paula Winn Lambert

“Your presentation was excellent! Enjoyed every minute!”

Richelle Rogers

“Such an awesome testimony.”

Lydia Jones Newsome

Giving Back

A percentage of the proceeds from my speaking engagements will fund a college scholarship, to be awarded to a rising student who has one parent incarcerated. This scholarship will be awarded annually to a student who is doing everything right, but due to no fault of their own has had to face the challenge of rising above adversity. My children will choose the recipient!

For more information, email [email protected].

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