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 2.7 million children

 in the U.S. have a parent who is incarcerated.

They need our help.

These children face struggles that more fortunate children never have to face.

They are nearly twice as likely to experience frequent socioeconomic hardship.

Incarcerated Parent

No Incarcerated Parent

Incarcerated Parent

No Incarcerated Parent

They are over three times as likely to experience parental divorce or separation.

More than 35% of these children experience some form of domestic abuse.

Incarcerated Parent

No Incarcerated Parent

Incarcerated Parent

No Incarcerated Parent

And over half of them live with a person with substance abuse problem.

These children are at a significant disadvantage, but if we all do something, we can make a lasting difference in their lives.

We can give them an opportunity to rise above these challenges and make a better future.

The Venus Morris Griffin Scholarship Fund

The Venus Morris Griffin Scholarship Fund awards rising students who have one parent who is incarcerated. The scholarships are awarded annually to students who are doing everything right, but due to no fault of their own have had to face the challenge of rising above adversity.

Recipients of this scholarship are chosen by Venus’ children, who themselves have experienced life with a parent incarcerated.

Our first goal is to raise


with 100% of the funds going directly to the scholarship recipients.

You can help us change lives!

This scholarship is funded entirely by proceeds from Venus’ speaking engagements, and by donations from generous supporters.

Venus Morris Griffin Story

To book Venus for an event, click below:

Or, you can donate to the fund by sending a check payable to the “Venus Morris Griffin Scholarship Fund” to the address below:

Venus Morris Griffin
Attn: Scholarship Fund
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