One thing that I’ve learned through the years as a mother and a real estate agent, is that if you want to succeed you need to focus only on the things that you can control.

This is true especially when times are tough. Maybe you don’t feel like you compare to the people around you. Maybe you feel inferior. Maybe someone is trying to undermine you at work. Maybe you just feel like you’re on a streak of bad luck. Whatever the case may be, sometimes it’s tempting to feel overwhelmed and defeated. Don’t give in, no matter how bad it is…

There are certain things that are out of your control, and certain things that are in your control. Focus only on the latter. You can’t control what other people are doing around you, how much more talent (you think) they might have compared to you, how much money they make…but you can control how hard you work, your routine, your attitude, and your mindset. Commit to outworking everyone around you, to being positive even when it’s tough to be…to being thankful and to make every single day count.

Here’s a tip: When you start feeling overwhelmed by the things that are out of your control, sit down, take a deep breath, and write out a list or make a mental note of all the things that are in your control. Then, commit to focusing only on those things. When this becomes a habit, you will become unstoppable.