Graduation speech

Georgia Military College Commencement Speech

Venus Morris Griffin – Graduation Keynote Speech

Morning show guest

Morning Mix: Venus Morris Griffin inspires students

Changing Narratives and Inspiring Students

Podcast guest

Helping moms-to-be, and New Moms to WIN the Marathon of Motherhood!

“When life beats you down as a mom, but you have to keep going!”

Article feature

Mom Shares Heartbreaking Story About Marriage and Betrayal that Empowers Women Across IG and Beyond

“A mother’s harrowing story of overcoming abuse is helping others heal.”

Podcast guest

The Best Family Ever

“From a harrowing, unstable childhood, Venus perseveres and creates an ideal life for herself—with an exuberant husband and a gaggle of amazing kids. But harrowing returns for her when she learns the dark truths—and lies—about her husband.”

Podcast guest

It Starts Here, With Yourself with Venus Morris Griffin

“You’re host, Jennifer Helene, talks with Venus Morris Griffin. Venus is Augusta, Georgia’s premier realtor. Her competitive spirit and standard of perfection is proven by outstanding results and exceptional customer service ratings.”

Podcast guest

Breaking the Cycle of Abuse, with Venus Morris Griffin

“This week on The Meg Rock Show, I was able to sit down with Venus Morris Griffin, probably one of the most inspirational humans I’ve had the chance to interview.”

Podcast guest

Venus Morris Griffin: Overcoming Adversity to Live A Life of Joy

“Dr. Bob sits down with Venus Morris Griffin, a mother of seven children, award winning real estate agent, motivational speaker and author of the upcoming book, “Validated.””

Podcast guest

How Venus Morris Griffin Created a Beautiful Life Amid Unthinkable Betrayal and Heartache

“People think it’s something big and magical that you do to save your family. It’s really not. It’s the little things that make a difference.”

Podcast guest

Venus Morris Griffin, as Seen on Humans of New York

“I’ve just been struggling to survive. To figure out how to survive. I want people to see me and say, ‘OK, let’s not look at what we think people are.’ Because everybody has their own struggles. Life is tough!”

Article Feature

Georgia’s Leading Brokers On The Current Real Estate Market

“To prevent you from doing the hard work we connected with some leading Georgia brokers and collected their expert tips on how to deal with the present market.”

Podcast guest

Walking Through Fire with Venus Morris Griffin

“I am so happy to be talking to my new friend Venus on today’s podcast episode. You are going to be moved by her story. You’re going to be surprised by what she’s done over the last 20 years to take care of her children and herself. Her story is truly an inspiration for all mamas.”

Article Feature

Venus Morris Griffin of Meybohm Real Estate: “Figure out what sets you apart, and brand it!”

“As a part of my series about strong women leaders of the Real Estate industry, I had the pleasure of interviewing Venus Morris Griffin.”

Article Feature

Consistency: The Key to Success by Venus Morris Griffin

“Venus Morris Griffin is an award-winning realtor and mom of 7. Overcoming adversities, Venus rose above it all to quickly grow her business while putting her life back together.”

Podcast guest

Overcoming Adversity

“Christy, Colugo’s Chief Parent Officer, is joined by Venus Morris Griffin, a real estate agent, motivational speaker, and mom of 7. As Venus says in the podcast, her life changed in 10 seconds when she received a call from an unknown number. Listen to hear her inspirational story of how she overcame multiple obstacles, kept her family together, and found success.”

Podcast guest

Infertile AF | Venus

“On this Season Three Finale, Ali talks to Venus Morris Griffin, mother of seven, six of whom were conceived via artificial insemination. Venus tells Ali all about her extraordinary life, which includes a lifetime of abuse, having to use ART because of her husband’s male factor infertility, and how she was ostracized by the Catholic community when they found out her children were conceived via ART.”

Podcast guest

Overcoming Extraordinary Obstacles To Achieve Success with Venus Griffin

“During this episode of the Lab Coat Agents Podcast, host Jeff Pfitzer, talks to Venus Morris Griffin, who is a successful realtor in Augusta, Georgia. She shares a mind-blowing story about her journey through personal challenges and the ability to beat incredible odds.”

Podcast guest

What Do You Do When Your Whole Life Turns Upside Down – with Venus Morris Griffin

“Today I am interviewing the incredible Venus Morris Griffin. Venus shares her story with us and reminds us how your life can drastically change in just 10 seconds. In this episode, we talk about resilience, faith, and overcoming life-altering situations.”

Youtube guest

From Debt To Net – Overcoming Obstacles To Become A Top Producer

“Venus Morris Griffin got her real estate license in 2008; a time when most agents were leaving the business. In 5 years, she became a multimillionaire and the top agent in Augusta, GA. Learn how she went from having no connections to building a sustainable book of business.”

Podcast guest

The Savvy Working Mom – What To Do When All Of Your Plans Fall Apart with Venus Morris Griffin

“Venus Morris Griffin is an award-winning Meybohm real estate agent, a motivational speaker, and, most importantly, mom to 7 kids. There was a period of turbulent times during her divorce from her ex-husband that she had to do it all herself…”

Article Feature

Venus Morris Griffin of Meybohm Real Estate On 5 Things You Need To Succeed In The Real Estate Industry

“Figure out what sets you apart, and brand it! I was the first agent in Augusta who used billboards to market my services. Now, most agents are doing it. Having those billboards led to my first big sale in the business after a visiting man called me to help him buy property close to where they hold the Master’s tournament. He paid me $100,000 if I could get seven homeowners on a particular street to sell to him. I did.”

Article Feature

Venus Morris Griffin of ‘Meybohm Real Estate’: “Be direct and be vulnerable”

“Be direct and be vulnerable….and don’t be afraid to show emotion. Sometimes I cry, laugh, get mad, and get excited during my talks. When I first began, I thought by showing these emotions, it made me appear weak. As I became a more seasoned speaker, I realized that showing these emotions made me more powerful.”

Article Feature

Venus Morris Griffin of ‘Meybohm Real Estate’ On The Five Things You Need To Be A Highly Effective Speaker

“As a part of our series about Inspirational Women of the Speaking Circuit, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Venus Morris Griffin, a mom of 7 children, an award-winning real estate agent, motivational speaker, and author of an upcoming 2021 book.”

Podcast guest

Deep Chats Podcast – Life Beyond Abuse with Venus Morris Griffin

“Your life can change in 10 seconds, and you have to decide what to do with that…”

Podcast guest

I Surrender Podcast – With Adonica Shaw

“Adonica Shaw chats with authors, celebrities, thought leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs about everything from research and psychology to current events and spirituality.”

Article Feature Exclusive: Mom-Of-7 Venus Morris Griffin On Overcoming Adversity To Create The Family & Career Of Her Dreams

“BabyGaga had the chance to speak with Venus Morris Griffin, a mother of seven, author, award-winning real estate agent, and inspirational speaker.”  |  Read the Full Article

Article Feature Real Estate Pro Venus Morris Griffin’s Expert Tips On Balancing Life As A Working Mom

“Award-winning real estate agent Venus Morris Griffin reveals how she balances her bustling career while raising her large family. Here are her tips!”  |  Read the Full Article

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